Measuring Corporate Reputation Impact: The Case of Enigmia and its AI Solution

Today, October 3rd, we have been at the prestigious "SCALEUPS B2B Awards organized by the Fundación Empresa y Sociedad, to talk to you about the Measuring Corporate Reputation Impact with Enigmia and its AI Solution.

For those not yet familiar with this event, its objective is to highlight and celebrate the most outstanding cases of disruptive digital solutions that have emerged from the entrepreneurial field and have been successfully implemented in leading companies. The aim is to recognize and inspire innovation by highlighting initiatives that have transformed the business landscape through technology and entrepreneurial creativity.

In an ever-changing world, the ability to adapt and adopt innovative solutions is critical to business success. That is why, the "SCALEUPS B2B Awards" recognize the importance of digital solutions that are transforming the way companies operate and interact with their customers and partners..

In this context, we would like to tell you, in this article, about our solution Enigmia and developed by ROYMO. Here we will demonstrate how Enigmia uses advanced AI technologies to measure and understand the reputational impact of corporate communications.

The Case of Enigmia and its AI Solution

The importance of measuring the impact on corporate reputation has never been as relevant as it is today. In this article, we will explore how the Enigmia platform, developed by Roymo, uses advanced AI technologies to quantify and understand the impact of corporate communications on business reputation.

Find out how Enigmia stands out in the world of corporate intelligence and how it can benefit your company!

The Development of a Corporate Reputation Impact Measurement Platform with Artificial Intelligence for ROYMO

ROYMO is a company whose services include communication consulting. One of its strategic objectives is to scaling up communication consulting services to large corporations, quantitatively measuring the impact on reputation corporate communications.

ROYMO conducted a pilot for the quantification of the impact of corporate communication on reputation for a large Spanish bank. The experience of that pilot was used in the analysis and requirements of the current project.

The project objectives:

  • Climbing the pilot The project was developed for the bank, generating a platform of services that can be used by subscription to quantify the impact of its corporate communications and those of its competitors.
  • Incorporate Artificial Intelligence capabilities (IA), from the news analysis part, through the processing of written natural language, to the automatic categorization of the news: its reputation axes, attributes, company prominence and tone of the news. 
  • VisualizationThe web portal will allow for the definition of roles and permissions for Roymo users as well as for customers. The web portal will allow the definition of roles and permissions.

Detailed Case Description

The solution developed for ROYMO has created the Enigmia service platformwhich has as objective to measure the impact on the reputation of corporate communications. For this purpose, the "news clipping as a data source, which provides a dump of all the relevant news of the sector or sectors of interest to Enigmia's client company.

Initially, the following are collected news from television, press and radio channelsand the incorporation of digital channels at later stages. The frequency of obtaining new news is adjusted as agreed with each client, it can be hourly or daily.

To train the first Enigmia models by machine learning, ROYMO provides a sufficient set of news, approximately 16,000 newsin which the axes of interest are defined, attributes, Information Quality Index (IQI), prominence and tone. Each Enigmia client has defined its own axes or dimensions of interest, attributes and the way to quantify the ICI.

All news are processed by Natural Language Processing (NLP) for the training of Enigmia models. The language used in the news is Spanish, although the architecture can support several languages. Based on natural language processing and categorization into attributes and ICIs, a news corpus is created with all relevant information.

We provide a intelligent assistant so that the ROYMO consultants can validate and guide the automatic categorization of the news analyzed by Enigmia. This assistant is based on the Behavioral MapsThe automatic knowledge extracted by the models and the values assigned by Enigmia to each news item are graphically represented. Likewise, it generates a Knowledge Base which is updated as more news is analyzed, defining its axes, tone, prominence, and ICI.

Enigmia deploys a web portal which allows you to perform analytical calculations and show KPIs business and performance of AI models. KPIs and dashboards are defined in collaboration with ROYMO during the analysis phase of the project, and are automatically updated as new information is obtained from data sources.

The web portal provides support to two user groups. On the one hand, the communication consultantsROYMO users, who manage all Enigmia customers. They can access through the web interface and visualize news behavior maps, along with their attributes, ICIs and any other relevant information to validate the results obtained by news analysis and AI model evaluation.

On the other hand, the users of Enigmia subscribed customersbelonging to each of the companies, have access to statistical and graphical information on the impact of their communications and those of competitors, as well as the possibility of consult and download the analyzed news by Enigmia, and what has been its contribution in each parameter evaluated by the AI system.

The web portal offers several functionalities, in addition to deploying the administration web and a customer web, such as the use of credentials for exclusive access by registered users, user profiles grouping access permissions, queries and downloads of information, display of relevant information with search options and filters, information download in Excel format, and multi-language support.

Development of a Corporate Reputation Impact Measurement Platform with Artificial Intelligence for ROYMO
Figure 1: Enigma Web Administrator

Figure 2: Enigma Web Client

What makes CASE unique?

The reputational impact case for corporate communications is distinguished by several unique characteristics:

Focus on reputation

The main objective of the case is to measure the reputational impact of corporate communications. It seeks to understand how a company's actions and messages affect its image and perception in the public and in the media.
It also analyzes the impact of sectoral and competitive communications, which is a powerful tool for corporate intelligence tool. 

Use of advanced AI technologies

Technologies such as the Natural Language Processing (NLP), the Generative AI (using the LLMs - Large Language Models) and the Machine Learning (AI) to analyze large volumes of news, and extract relevant information. These techniques allow automating the processing and categorization of news, as well as the generation of KPIs and dashboards.

Integration of diverse data sources

News is gathered from different sources, including television channels, press, radio and digital media. The use of news clipping provides a complete overview of the news coverage related to the company and its industry.
The AI uses not only the text of the news but also all related information: publication medium, time, author, geographical location, etc. It offers a holistic view of a given sector and dynamically over time.

Customization for each customer

The solution is adapted to the specific needs and characteristics of each client. The axes of interest, attributes and the Information Quality Index (ICI) are defined according to the preferences and requirements of each company.

Intelligent assistant for validation

An intelligent wizard is provided to allow ROYMO consultants to validate and guide the automatic categorization of news. This ensures the accuracy and quality of the results obtained by the AI models.

Results analysis and reporting

A web portal is deployed that provides users with a clear visualization of the results, including behavioral maps, axes, attributes, prominence, tone, ICI and other relevant data, such as the media and specific data for each company in the sector. It also allows the download of information in Excel format for more detailed analysis.

Taken together, these characteristics make the case for impact on reputation of corporate communications and intelligence to be a key factor in solution comprehensive and customized to measure and understand the media impact of companies in their environment.

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