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Risk, default and customer financing

Our Artificial Intelligence's algorithms help to anticipate problems with customer payments to develop actions that avoid or mitigate the impact of defaults.
Risk Management
Cash Management
Detection and prediction
artificial intelligence arm coin fraud
  • ARM (Advanced Risk Management)

Advanced risk management through predictive models that allow generating early alerts of defaults for the optimization of the management, profitability and security of the operations.


  • COIN (Cash Optimization Intelligence)

Optimization of cash needs in branch offices, ATMs, commercial surfaces and geographical areas through predictive models based on historical data.

  • FrauDe (Fraud Detection)

Predicting fraud cases in dynamic environments and detecting those that are happening to minimize false alarms.

Commercial Optimization
and loyalty

We help you to identify business opportunities for each client and develop effective recruitment and loyalty campaigns, as well as prevent client loss.
Commercial Optimization
Customer churn
  • SAIL (Sales AI Launch)

This solution allows knowing in a predictive way what products and services to offer to each customer, when to do it and how to increase sales through machine learning and data analysis.  

  • Churn

Prediction of clients and services losses due to the high turnover of some sectors, such as insurance or telecommunications. This solution highlights the potential of each client.

SAIL (Sales AI Launch) artificial intelligenceia Risk, non-payment and customer financingfraud detection artificial intelligence

Prediction, optimization and process control

We take full advantage of the implicit knowledge in the millions of data available for the management and development of complex processes in strategic sectors.
Prediction and optimization of call-centers
Modernization, prediction and control of complex industrial systems
iCAC (Intelligent Customer Attention Center)MOTHER (Modeling in Thermonuclear Fusion)
  • iCAC (Intelligent Customer Attention Center)
From the huge amount of information collected by the call-centers, an intelligent exploitation of the data is carried out to optimize the use of resources.
  • MOTHER (Modeling in Thermonuclear Fusion)
Advanced system for the exploitation of information in critical environments. We collect millions of records and tens of thousands of variables to generate useful knowledge in order to validate complex processes and operations.

NPLs Solutions - Non Performing Loans

We adapt our solutions to lower NPLs or Non Performing Loans ratios. From risk admission to debt recovery with maximum security and speed. With our software you will be able to manage the collection, analysis and improvement of data to have greater control over asset portfolios held by banks, finance companies, marketplaces and bad debt merchants. It will also provide predictions and actions that optimize debt recoveries.
Optimize the management of bad debt portfolios
  • ARM-NPLs: Non-Performing Loan Risk Management

With the deployment of our predictive models, we assess a customer's ability to pay, learn from their behavior, and react predictively to avoid non-performing loans or 'Non Performing Loans' thanks to machine learning.

Our solutions can be adapted to any financial debt as well as off-balance sheet exposures. In addition, you can self-adjust the models to the reality of your customers and operations.

Thanks to our results, a strategy can be implemented quickly and easily. NPLs with quantitative targets and define critical and non-critical customers in real time to reduce bad loan rates while optimizing resources and maximizing debt recoveries.

software non performing loans NPL solutions

Intelligence, security and other solutions

(Fraud Detection)
Automatic learning of behavioral patterns for prevention of operational and safety risks.
(Semantic Categorization)
Detection of categories and implicit messages in natural texts that may be relevant to your business.
(Recognition of Vehicles and Forms)
Advanced shape recognition using high-precision the use of high precision lasers.
(Artificial Security Intelligence)
Detection of illicit behavior and unauthorized use of resources.
(Banking AI Platform)
Platform for the deployment and collaboration of advanced applications in financial areas.
(Predictive modelling for Optimization, Maintenance, Intelligence and Supervision)
Automatic model generator for demand's prediction, predictive maintenance and industrial optimization.

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CDRs contain data that a telecommunications company collects about phone calls, such as time and length of call. This data can be used in analytical applications.
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