The role of machine learning in fraud detection


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Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that is based on making a system capable of learning from experience, autonomously, without the need to be programmed by humans. This means that the more data we provide you with, the higher level of accuracy you will develop.

It is like when we speak to a child from birth in one language (or several), the more words and phrases he hears us say, the more he will learn in the future without the need to sit down and explain the meaning of the sentences or explicitly teach him to speak.

How machine learning has revolutionized fraud detection

The financial fraud is becoming increasingly important in our society.In order to prevent them in time, both financial institutions and companies in other sectors try to do everything possible to detect them and prevent them in time, but most of the time it is practically impossible. This is due to the enormous amounts of information they have to process from all their customers.

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Machine learning has revolutionized the way companies detect fraud. Previously, fraud detection systems relied on predefined rules, which were static and limited. With machine learning, companies can detect patterns in large amounts of data, enabling them to identify fraud more accurately and in real time for optimal fraud prevention.

There are some machine learning techniques used for fraud detection, we can include the following:

  • Anomaly analysis. Identifies unusual or out-of-the-ordinary transactions that may indicate fraud.
  • Ranking. Transactions are classified as fraudulent or legitimate based on the characteristics of the transactions.
  • Neural networks. They are used to identify patterns and complex relationships between transaction data.
  • Data mining. Data mining is used to detect fraud patterns that are not obvious to the naked eye.
  • Deep learning. It uses deep neural networks, used to detect fraud online and in real time.

The machine learning techniques used for fraud detection depend on the type of data available, the nature of the business and the complexity of the fraud detection problem.

Machine learning solutions for fraud prevention

Machine learning solutions for fraud prevention

At Gamco we offer a fraud detection and prevention software optimizing control, avoidance and mitigation measures to minimize the impact of fraud on the business.

We operate in very dynamic sectors such as finance, banking, insurance, telco or consumer goods, among others.

Our fraud detection solutionsdeveloped through Machine Learning, are capable of analyzing behavioral patterns dynamically and predictively to generate early warnings to detect and control potential fraud risks. We offer 24-hour monitoring, every day of the week, without exception.

These are just some of the benefits of using our AI-powered software for the fraud prevention and its detection:

  • Prioritization of alerts, in order to address those threats that cause the greatest economic or brand image damage.
  • Optimization of actions to control possible fraud, in order to optimize the management of detection and mitigation of the effects of fraud at the lowest cost.
  • With our software you will be able to observe and control your data in accurate and predictive solutions.
  • Use of software service platforms and the development of APIs.
  • Our predictive models can be integrated into any type of IT architecture.
  • Software that automates the work to collect information and identify possible anomalies and indications of fraud in real time.
  • It detects illicit behavior and activities dynamically and in real time to minimize false alarms and automatically alerts on possible changes in user behavior.

Gamco shows the capabilities of AI in your business, from a web environment, where you get reports and graphs explaining your business from the data, as well as the impact and benefits of implementing our pioneering fraud prevention technology.

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