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GAMCO is a pioneer company in the creation of software solutions based on Artificial Intelligence for business optimization and advanced risk management through the development of predictive models and optimization of actions.
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Pioneers in Artificial Intelligence

We develop software based on AI for business optimization, minimizing the risks and maximizing sales, with a very experienced methodology applied in multiple projects.

More than 10 years of experience
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AI at your service

We activate the value contained in your data with a measurable and positive impact in your business

Our solutions are adapted to the needs and available resources of the client. Through a fast and secure implementation, the results are automatically measured for business optimization.
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What is artificial intelligence?

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Born and raised from expert knowledge in AI, applied to multiple real projects.

We are present in main industries as banking,
financial services, FMCG,retail, security, telco, and insurance. We also want to be the most important provider of medium-size businesses.
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We have tools for fraud detection based on the security and defense sector.

We tailor our AI and machine learning-based solutions to your company's specific problems, non-intrusively to your company's specific problems, in a non-intrusive way with your existing systems and systems and operational processes, and at a reduced economic cost.
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Solutions tailored to your business
for the prediction and mitigation
of the effects of non-payment.

For the small and medium size businesses, we offer special resources that we have already successfully deployed in big companies to optimize risk management and avoid or relieve the effects of non-payment.
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We protect your data

AI without compromising privacy

Privacy is a fundamental right, also is one of our most important values. Thanks to the capacities of AI, we rely on the best systems to protect the privacy and ownership of your data.
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AI without compromising privacy

What do they say about us?

Our clients are our best value.
José Sevilla
Bankia CEO
"GAMCO presented the bank with a realistic project for risk control, based on a deep knowledge of AI, but also of the financial system. It fulfilled the expectations we had placed in such a pioneering project for the bank".
Antonio Rios
General Manager of Equifax Iberia
"Gamco's solutions allow us to add more value to our products, thus maximizing the impact on all businesses."
Borja Sanchez
Dtor. Financial Regulation PwC
"These solutions developed for risk management in asset portfolios are really novel and powerful, not only in the Spanish market, but also in the European market."
Ignacio Cea
Advisor Board Member (CIONET), Former Director of Innovation and Cybersecurity, Bankia
"In my time as innovation director at Bankia I could see that Gamco's technology worked and provided differential value, being easily scalable to the entire organization."
Arturo Espejo Valero
Colonel, Head of the Technical Area of the Civil Guard Information Headquarters
"Gamco successfully designed and implemented AI models to identify suspect persons related to different types of crime. The experimental results indicated a promising future for using our framework to address criminal detection in difficult environments and circumstances".
Juan Lopez
Pascual Systems Manager
"Gamco implemented a pioneering and strategic solution based on Artificial Intelligence, in order to incorporate information and predictive intelligence into our CRM, making it much more operational, efficient and proactive."
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