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software de inteligencia artificial para la banca

Optimize the Risk management through Artificial Intelligence

Our software enables early warnings of non-payments, ease their economic impact and the costs involved. It also lets you prioritize actions for development, and implement the recommendations of the EBA’s and ECB’s guides of “Loan Origination”.
software de inteligencia artificial para la banca
Management, surveillance and recovery of the risk portfolio (ARM)
Non-payment problems predictor of your clients from early alerts. Risk’s management optimization. Admission, prediction, elusion, and mitigation of the associated costs.
Commercial optimization for business development (SAIL)
Discover through our AI solutions App new products and commercial opportunities that you could apply to a specific client. Commercial optimization and churn.
Fraud and loss of clients and services prediction (FrauDe aand Churn)
Fraud case detection in a dynamic environment and minimization of false alarms. Prediction of the services and/or clients.
Management and optimization of the cash demand (COIN)
Prediction and optimization of the cash demand in offices, ATMs, and commercial surfaces. Reduction of cash needs and the cost of transport and insurance.
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Real Stories from real clients

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GAMCO planteó a la entidad un proyecto realista para el control de riesgo, desde un conocimiento profundo de la IA, pero también del sistema financiero. Cumpliendo las expectativas que habíamos depositado en un proyecto tan pionero para el banco".

José Sevilla
Bankia CEO


Premio de 34.000 M para los bancos por aplicar bien inteligencia artificial al crédito".

Óscar Giménez
Article in El Confidencial


Es la primera vez que se va a llevar la IA a la toma de decisiones en la banca Española".

Jorge Elizaga
Director of Monitoring and Dynamization, Bankia

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