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Optimize your database for customer acquisition

Squeeze all the value contained in your data to detect changes in customer's behaviour that could impact your business.
Fraud prediction artificial intelligence telco
Commercial optimization for your business promotion and development (SAIL)
Detect commercial opportunities in sales channels to companies, professionals and individuals. Maximize the portability and loyalty of customers.
Fraud prediction in product's take on that are not paid (FrauDe)
Automatic detection of fraud cases in which some services are contracted with the intention of not paying them. Visualization and monitoring of critical indicators.
Prediction of customer and/or service of customers and/or services (Churn)
Churn of customers and/or services. Analysis of positive or negative customer's potential. Minimization of customer's rotation among competitors.
Automatic analytic to databases exploitation at call-centers (iCAC)
Exploitation and optimization of call-center, call number prediction, their features and improvement of resource use.
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GAMCO applies the latest advances in AI to very complex problems. In our collaboration, it has excelled in machine learning modeling of certain phenomena occurring in thermonuclear fusion devices for which their fundamental physical laws are not yet known."
Sebastián Dormido
University Professor, Dept. of Systems Engineering and Automatics - UNED
During my time as Bankia's innovation director, I could see that GAMCO's technology worked and provided a differential value, being easily scalable to the entire organization".
D. Ignacio Cea
Cash to Consumer Businesses Global Director Prosegur, Former Director of Innovation and Cybersecurity, Bankia
These solutions developed for risk management in asset portfolios are truly innovative and powerful not only in the Spanish market, but also in the European market".
Borja Sanchez
Dtor. Financial Regulation PwC

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CDRs contain data that a telecommunications company collects about phone calls, such as time and length of call. This data can be used in analytical applications.
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