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In 2010 the GENM (Gamco Engine Neural Models) platform was created, in which we developed our own Artificial Intelligence algorithms, with pioneering capabilities for that time, such as the self-creation of models from data and a target. self-creation of models from data and a target.


Between 2011 and 2014 we carried out different customized Artificial Intelligence solutions for large companies: cash optimization (Banco Popular), credit and default prediction (Isban-Banco Santander), commercial optimization (Sumol + Compal), sales on distance operations (Wolters-Kluwer), prediction of emergencies and admissions (Hospital La Fe de Valencia), security (Guardia Civil) and commercial actions for portability (Movistar México).


There was a qualitative leap in 2015. We deployed a new product: SAIL (Sales Artificial Intelligence Launch) in Calidad Pascual for the optimization of the HORECA and proximity food channels, where it is integrated into production and on a daily basis, providing a simultaneous service to different departments of the company: from trade-marketing to direct sales force.


In April 2017, Gamco won the Cofares digital gateway challenge and was chosen to represent Spain in the StartUp Europe Awards 2017 in the Health category.
This year we started working for Bankia, thanks to its Fintech accelerator created by Innsomnia. It gives a boost to automation, synchronization, integration with third parties and development of a web portal for users. From that moment on, the data arrives, is transformed and loaded into our AI engines, evaluating them and obtaining results that are automatically published in APIs, batch files or in our web applications.


Between 2018 and 2020, the pioneering ARM (Advanced Risk Management) solution will be deployed at Bankia: "the first time that AI is going to be brought to decision-making in Spanish banking". ARM has been implemented for early warnings on a healthy portfolio; it predicts defaults and allows the optimization of default avoidance actions or mitigation of the impact on the income statement.


In 2020 our work began in Latin America, for the Santander Uruguay Bank, with the COIN (Cash Optimization Intelligence) solution in cash optimization.


In 2021, Gamco's systems handle more than 150 million transactions per month, generating more than 22 million predictions. We launch solutions as services, for example, ARM-SaaS and SAIL-SaaS, with which we bring large company solutions to SMEs

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CDRs contain data that a telecommunications company collects about phone calls, such as time and length of call. This data can be used in analytical applications.
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