SAIL: Intelligent trading software

Business development, recruitment 
and customer loyalty
Business optimization software for predictive insights 
what goods and/or services to offer each customer, when to offer them and how to offer them
increasing sales through machine learning and analytics
of data.
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Business Development

Intelligent CRM and business software

SAIL predicts which products or services to offer to which customers, and how to achieve recruitment or sales using the commercial levers and promotions available.
Commercial Optimization

We estimate the POTENTIAL and increase the customer's SALES by automatically obtaining knowledge and self-adjusting predictive models with which we are able to improve decision making. This technology allows us to know at all times what to offer, to whom and how to do it:

  • CAPTATION of new customers.
  • Identification of OPPORTUNITIES business per customer.
  • Optimization of LEVERS commercials per customer.
  • Optimization of PROMOTIONS.
  • ANALYTICS Advanced.
  • Prediction of ABANDONMENT of customers.
Loyalty and customer acquisition

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in sales enables your business to have a better knowledge of the end customer, being able to monitor them by applying customized sales KPIs and providing suggestions for the optimization of campaigns for their loyalty.

It also provides additional results with strategic impact for potential customers by knowing the reasons why they would buy a product or service, increasing sales.

Abandonment Prediction

Our SAIL solution incorporates a module for the prediction of customer abandonment with up to 60 days in advance and products or services by these users.

We detect repeating patterns of behavior to improve end-customer understanding by collecting quantitative and qualitative information to prevent customer abandonment and its cause.

How does our CRM and business optimization software work?

In this video we explain how it works and what it consists of. You will see how our solution gives you the opportunity to grow with new product portfolios and scalability, edit the different business KPIs, enrich the current CRM and BI (Business Intelligence) systems.

Power your Business Intelligence

How does SAIL improve your BI?

Thanks to GAMCO technology, we offer solutions that automate processes, improve decision making and produce unique and up-to-date BI results: predictions and estimation of customer, product and promotional potential.

Business Intelligence

SAIL. Proven pioneering solution

SAIL is a proven solution in large companies in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector, in which commercial channels have been optimized, with very significant returns, rapid deployments and no impact on the companies' current systems.

All plans incorporate a web portal for users and a reporting and KPI calculation module, for example: monthly and annual company sales and volumes, aggregated by product families (net sales, volumes, discounts) and delegations.

Measuring success and growth
To measure the improvement thanks to the commercial opportunities identified by SAIL, two main indicators will be calculated:
  1. New references introduced to customers: products or families that had not been purchased by customers in the last three months. The estimated range extension opportunities that SAIL can obtain is at least double.
  2. Customer growth: measurement of customer development and customer loyalty. In terms of customer loyalty, SAIL anticipates the loss of customers and the decrease in business with each of them due to the abandonment of certain products and services.
Three plans: free, basic and advanced

The Basic and Advanced plans incorporate:

  • Artificial Intelligence Engine (AI modules deployed depend on the plan).
  • Connectors with the most used ERPs and CRMs in the market.
  • KPIs calculus and results publication.
  • Integration via https, FTP and APIs.

Calculate the monthly savings you could achieve with SAIL-SaaS

Our SAIL-SaaS solution adapts to the business and to each of its customers thanks to the deployment of pioneering technology based on Artificial Intelligence that makes it possible to exploit the data available to the company to predict and estimate the potential of its customers, develop commercial channels, optimize levers and promotions and, in short, increase business sales.

Through the following calculator you will be able to know the return that our commercial optimization solution has for your business.
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Large company > €20M 
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Some manufacturing and distribution companies 
that have relied on Gamco and have increased their sales

We have a proven pioneering solution and currently perform Commercial Optimization for Leading Distributors with more than 60,000 points of sale.


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