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Industry, energy, retail, security, health...

We have experience in any industry that needs the improvement of actions of selling, control and exploitation of its structured or natural language information.
Industry, energy, retail, safety, health
Preventive detection of security risks (ASI and FrauDe) in security (ASI and FrauDe)
Detection of criminal behaviour patterns and non-authorized use of resources. Automatic learning and tracking of relevant items.
Energy demand forecasting and hospital care (PROMIS) hospital care (PROMIS)
Applications for demand forecasting, e.g. hourly prediction of the power demand or of the number and type of hospital care.
Applications in thermonuclear and pharmaceutical industry (MOTHER)
Compilation of big sets of information in critical environments and pattern identification in complex industrial systems for process’ industrialization.
CATES (Semantic categorization)
Natural language processing for automatic text labeling and classification, organization and personalization of the most interesting documents for each customer.
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GAMCO applies the latest advances in AI to very complex problems. In our collaboration, it has excelled in machine learning modeling of certain phenomena occurring in thermonuclear fusion devices for which their fundamental physical laws are not yet known."
Sebastián Dormido
University Professor, Dept. of Systems Engineering and Automatics - UNED
In our experience, the level of GAMCO's research is remarkable, developing new algorithms and Machine Learning techniques to be incorporated into optimization solutions".
Eduardo Fernández Camacho
Professor at the University of Seville, Head of the Industrial Automation Research Group of AICIA.
With the implementation of GAMCO's AI-based solution, we have been able to highlight the modeling of some highly nonlinear phenomenology that occurs in thermonuclear fusion devices and is triggered in tens of ms."
Jesus Vega
Dtor. of the Thermonuclear Fusion Laboratory of CIEMAT

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CDRs contain data that a telecommunications company collects about phone calls, such as time and length of call. This data can be used in analytical applications.
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