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The 5 Challenges of Big Data in Machine Learning

5 challenges of Big Data can be highlighted which are defined as V (volume, velocity, veracity, variety and value). R. Narasimhan discussed 3V as volume, velocity and variety,...

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6 real-world examples of Machine Learning

Normalmente, el Aprendizaje Automático se utiliza para resolver problemas comerciales en diversos sectores y áreas donde se aplican diferentes algoritmos para automatizar procesos  y sugerir las mejores soluciones adaptadas...

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Blockchain: What it is and how it works

Blockchain technology is best known as the computer architecture on which Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are based, but you should also know that...

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What is the relationship between Big Data and Machine Learning?

The world is experiencing exponential growth in data generation on an ever-increasing scale. According to IDC (International Data Corporation), the world will produce 180 zettabytes of...

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Artificial Intelligence in the Fintech market

Before we talk about artificial intelligence in the Fintech market we would like to mention that the term Fintech is applied today for modern technologies in the Fintech market....

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What is AIoT (Artificial Intelligence Of Things)?

If we look at them separately, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are powerful technologies and if we combine them, we get AIoT, Artificial Intelligence Of Things....

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What is Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and how does it benefit your online business?

The banking sector has undergone considerable transformations over the last 10 years. Especially as banking has become more and more integrated into everyday life...

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What is an ERP? Functions and why a company should have it

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and is a computerized planning and business management system capable of integrating all the processes of a business such as:...

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