AI solutions applied to the Retail sector

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Improve your customers' experience with Artificial Intelligence

Our AI solutions applied in the Retail sector will help you improve customer experience, automate business processes and increase efficiency in decision making. In addition, our software works with and merges data from our physical and online stores.
retail solutions
Customer data analysis
We use Machine Learning techniques to enable Retail companies to automatically analyze customer shopping data in physical and online stores. Our software is able to extract information from raw data to understand customers' preferences and shopping behaviors and customize specific offers and promotions for each of them.
Increased sales
Our software based on Artificial Intelligence is able to analyze the purchase tickets of each customer to help the business to detect behavioral patterns in order to define and predict the potential of each customer and use levers and promotions that allow the development of current referrals or new referrals to have a greater impact on business sales.
Price analysis
Thanks to the comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) pricing analysis of products, we at GAMCO are able to optimize the pricing of a company's products in order to maximize profits and have a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Other benefits of our solutions
Retail companies can analyze data on product trends, fraud prevention, stock and purchase prediction, process optimization, purchase behavior analysis and improve product positioning...
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Real Stories from real clients

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GAMCO's software has proved to be an essential tool, not only for meeting the project's objectives, but also for providing flexibility and speed to the developments carried out".
Bruno Andrade
Sales Manager for the HORECA channel at Sumol+Compal
The implementation of GAMCO's solution has brought about a radical change, allowing for easy, visual, daily definition and up-to-date tracking for the different commercial channels".
Javier Manzanares
Category Manager at Pascual

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CDRs contain data that a telecommunications company collects about phone calls, such as time and length of call. This data can be used in analytical applications.
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