Optimal order or assortment for a customer

Fernando Pavón

CEO of Gamco

In the previous articles ("Basic concepts for building commercial software with artificial intelligence" y "How do business opportunities detected by artificial intelligence materialize?"We have described how the intelligent trading software defines the optimal customer-to-customer order or assortment. 

In addition to the opportunities for range expansion, development and promotion management, the regular order, what the customer usually orders, must also be taken into account. In addition, another element to be taken into account in the automatic optimal order processing is that assortment that the business deems necessary to sell or that provides value to certain customer segments, thus the intelligent system also tries to align itself with the objectives or guidelines of the business.

Optimal order or assortment

The optimal order or assortment makes it possible to provide the following elements for each customer at any given time:

  • Typical references and their quantities. Those references that the system considers as usual in the customer's order and more likely to be included in the next order.
  • References with the greatest development potential (development opportunities) and a greater likelihood of being achieved, with the best promotions to materialize them. 
  • Range extension references with a greater potential for development and a higher probability of being achieved, with the best promotions to materialize them.

The best channel to implement the optimal order is through the on-line channelsThe customer will be presented with a pre-configured order, with many of the products he usually orders, but also new products that may be of interest and attractive promotions.

The commercial system with artificial intelligenceThe customer's feedback, in short, the new order that the customer is going to place, learning and adjusting more and more to the particular characteristics, needs and trends of each customer.

It is important to emphasize that not all optimal orders will present "novelties" in the form of new promotions or range extensions, so the customer should not be overwhelmed if it is estimated that there is not a high probability that the "novelty" will be accepted. With this, the customer is not tired with lots of suggestions that do not contribute and when the system detects a new opportunity with sufficient probability of conversion and value, the customer may be more willing to see that new product that is offered, we will not have previously "burned".

Also in physical channels (The optimal order is a great help for the sales force, as they have a predefined probable order from the customer they are visiting or contacting. This not only makes the sales force more productive, it also makes them more efficient and frees up time to, as mentioned at the beginning, get to know the customer, see what they need, what we can help them with and where we are failing.

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