Artificial Intelligence to sell more and better: customer development and loyalty.

Fernando Pavón

CEO of Gamco

Artificial intelligence (IA) can change the way sales channels and customers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturers and distributors are managed..

AI can exploit the information from the CRMs and ERPs by getting to know each customer to the point of creating an optimal order for each customer and for each moment. This optimal order or assortment will maximize the value of that customer to the company while providing excellent service to each customer. 

The above is the basis and ultimate goal of the pioneering commercial software for GAMCOSAIL (Sales Artificial Intelligence Launch) for commercial optimization.

Business Development with Artificial Intelligence

SAIL: Intelligent trading software

Business development, recruitment 
and customer loyalty

Ortega y Gasset said that ".clarity is the courtesy of the philosopher".Let's do the same and explain how artificial intelligence can help us to sell more in our businesses, in a clear and structured way in the following points:

  1. Basic concepts for building commercial software with artificial intelligence
  2. Management of commercial levers and promotions
  3. Optimal order or assortment
  4. Metrics to measure the impact on the overall business, on each channel and on each customer the return on commercial software deployment.
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