Modified Learning Vector Quantification - MLVQ

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Modified Learning Vector Quantification - MLVQ

What is Modified Learning Vector Quantification - MLVQ?

It is an evolution of the LVQ algorithm

The LVQ3 algorithm does not cover the case in which both neurons to be updated belong to a different class than vector x. MLVQ considers these situations, so that:

  • If none of them belongs to the class of x, they are removed
  • If the nearest one has a different class, the second one moves closer or farther away depending on whether it has the same or different class.
  • If the nearest one has the same class and the second one has a different class, it only updates them if they fall within a set window.

Reference: Cheng-Lin Liu, In-Jung Eim, and Jin H Kim. High accuracy handwritten chinese character recognition by improved feature matching method.

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