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Types of analysis performed with Big Data

Big data analytics is the process of analyzing large and complex data sources to uncover trends, patterns, customer behaviors and market preferences in order to...

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Artificial intelligence applied to the semantic web 

The semantic web or "internet of knowledge" is an extension of the current web. Unlike the latter, the semantic web is based on providing the web with data...

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Cloud solutions for SMEs

Cloud computing services or solutions, whether in Spain or anywhere else in the world, are infrastructures, platforms or software systems that are used in the cloud....

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Big Data applied to business

The Big Data market is in full expansion. Although the need to transform data into information for decision making is not new, the implementation of Big...

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Best Artificial Intelligence Software

Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in companies and its growth is applied in practically all sectors. By the end of 2022, it is expected that spending...

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What are the advantages of artificial intelligence?�

The use of Artificial Intelligence in business is becoming more and more common and necessary for the optimization and evolution of processes. In one of our last articles, we...

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Digital Transformation in SMEs

Nowadays digital transformation is key in any type of business. The 40% of Spanish companies will not exist in its current form in the coming years....

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5 examples of AI where it is applied in your daily life

We often wonder what examples of AI we can find in our environment and the fact is that artificial intelligence is a concept that encompasses a large number of different types of...

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