OpenAI: What is it, how to use it and what can you do with this artificial intelligence?


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OpenAI is a technology company created by the main leaders in artificial intelligence that, in its beginnings, defined itself as a non-profit organization with the sole objective of promoting the general understanding of the population in terms of AI in order to implement its use in everyday life in a safe way.

OpenAI: What is it, how to use it and what can you do with this artificial intelligence?

In recent times, it has stood out for ChatGPTThe new artificial intelligence, based on the language model, allows us to initiate conversations in which we can request any type of information and it will provide it with increasing precision.


GPT is an artificial intelligence computer system that is constantly being updated and progressed. Versions GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-3.5 and GPT-3.5 have already been developed. GPT-4which is the latest version created by OpenAI. According to the contributions they have made on their official website, they claim that it surpasses ChatGPT in its advanced reasoning capabilities, thus making it one of their most creative and collaborative models.

They claim that it is able to solve the problems posed to it with greater precision and, based on the information they provide, it is capable of meeting a range of functions in a very effective way, as they can be:

  • Generate, edit and iterate with users on technical and creative writing tasks. This means you can perform everything from songwriting to learning a user's writing style.
  • It is able to accept images as inputs and generate captions.
  • It can create longer contexts, being able to handle more than 25,000 words of text.
  • It is able to produce more coherent and truthful answers.
  • We can make specific requests such as, for example, to solve any type of mathematical problem that you have previously written.

For the time being, ChatGPT will continue to use the GPT-3.5 version, but for ChatGPT Plus subscribers GPT-4 is now available. 

How can we use OpenAI?

In order to understand how it is used, first of all we must take into account that it is a general artificial intelligence.

General AI is basically a type of artificial intelligence created with the same learning capabilities as a human being, being able to adapt to certain stimuli in the same way as any of us would.

In order to use any OpenAI model (ChatGPT, Whisper o DALL-E) all you have to do is:

  • Enter the official OpenIA website.
  • Create an account on this website.
  • Log in.
  • Choose which one you want to explore or use.

However... What are its uses?

Models such as ChatGPT or GPT-4 can be used to perform traditional human activities such as, for example:

  • Applications in the field of customer service (all via chat), thus achieving a conversation very similar to the one we would have with a real person.
  • Translate text from one language to another accurately.
  • Creation of meaningful texts on the requested topic (articles, stories...)
  • Optimization of analysts' work by summarizing and synthesizing information from long texts.
  • Chat for the workers of the same company as an intranet.
  • Prepare bids and quotations.

These are just some of the most outstanding uses at the moment. We must not forget that the field of artificial intelligence is in constant development, especially by OpenAI, which was founded with the main objective of researching it.

Having AI experts is the best way to implement this type of technology in a company. At Gamco, we offer solutions based on Artificial Intelligence created with proprietary algorithms. With this type of solutions we are able to bring our pioneering technology to both large companies and SMEs with really important returns and impact on the business.

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