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How to foresee customer payment problems with Artificial Intelligence

Today we are going to talk about how to foresee payment problems and foresee the problems in those customers who are currently not giving it to you. At Gamco we develop software based on...

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How AI models attract potential customers

The acquisition of new potential customers is one of the most important and difficult processes for a company. Traditionally, it has been necessary to resort to the purchase of databases...

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How to increase a company's sales

All businesses usually have an annual growth plan, although not all of them achieve it. Increasing a company's sales in 2022 is very important because it will allow us to...

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Metrics to measure the impact of artificial intelligence-based trade optimization system.

The commercial optimization software based on artificial intelligence must have feedback of the commercial actions carried out, of the new sales made, levers and promotions used ....

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Optimal order or assortment for a customer

In the previous articles ("Basic concepts to build a commercial software with artificial intelligence" and "How to materialize the commercial opportunities detected by artificial intelligence?") we have described...

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How do business opportunities detected by artificial intelligence materialize?

Once you are clear about the basic concepts to build a commercial software with artificial intelligence where you define to whom to dedicate effort and commercial investment. Which customers...

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Basic concepts for building commercial software with artificial intelligence

The first thing to know is the limits of AI and after mastering the basic concepts, it will be possible to build great commercial software with artificial intelligence. This...

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Artificial Intelligence to sell more and better: customer development and loyalty.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can change the way sales channels and customers are managed for companies that manufacture and distribute fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)...

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