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Main applications of AI in enterprises

Leading AI applications such as most apps are within the reach of many companies and allow large amounts of data to be analyzed and processed quickly,...

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How to meet customer needs

It is vitally important to understand, identify and satisfy customer needs. In this way, our business will be able to offer products and services focused on satisfying those needs. Knowing...

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How to verify the viability of a business opportunity

It is convenient that by means of a brief questionnaire we are able to verify the viability of a business opportunity. The following are some of the main questions to consider...

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4 keys to identify customer needs

In order to identify customer needs, it is necessary to know their opinion, as this helps to detect where you should improve, what acceptance will the launch of a new line of products have, what...

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Business opportunity and artificial intelligence

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of gradually incorporating artificial intelligence into their business models. The implementation of AI tools should be...

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Metrics to measure the impact of artificial intelligence-based trade optimization system.

The commercial optimization software based on artificial intelligence must have feedback of the commercial actions carried out, of the new sales made, levers and promotions used ....

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Optimal order or assortment for a customer

In the previous articles ("Basic concepts to build a commercial software with artificial intelligence" and "How to materialize the commercial opportunities detected by artificial intelligence?") we have described...

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How do business opportunities detected by artificial intelligence materialize?

Once you are clear about the basic concepts to build a commercial software with artificial intelligence where you define to whom to dedicate effort and commercial investment. Which customers...

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