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Basic concepts for building commercial software with artificial intelligence

The first thing to know is the limits of AI and after mastering the basic concepts, it will be possible to build great commercial software with artificial intelligence. This...

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Artificial Intelligence to sell more and better: customer development and loyalty.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can change the way sales channels and customers are managed for companies that manufacture and distribute fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)...

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What is machine learning

In recent years, all topics related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been arousing enormous interest. Perhaps it is because the heart of the big technology companies is moving...

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Artificial intelligence to build customer loyalty

In today's oversaturated information market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to retain users. For companies, the competition is increasing, while the competition is...

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Sales KPIs. What they are and which are the best

Achieving business goals and tracking success is an important aspect of improving any business. In sales, measuring progress through KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) is an important...

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What is Business Intelligence and how can it help your company?

The term Business Intelligence (or BI) defines the use of information technology to identify, discover and analyze business data, such as sales revenue, products, costs and share of sales....

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Non-performing loans to individuals to increase by at least 10% in 2022

GAMCO's predictions point to an increase of at least 10% in the percentage of "credit delinquencies" to individuals over the next year. This is...

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The most effective way to collect unpaid debts without complicating life

Collecting debts, nowadays, is becoming an arduous task for many companies or freelancers. More and more banks, public utilities and other companies are increasingly being...

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