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of financial fraud

Our financial fraud prevention and detection software is a pioneer in the detection of financial fraud cases in highly dynamic environments. We minimize false alarms, optimizing control measures to avoid fraud or minimize its impact on the business.
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Powerful forecasting solution and
real-time financial fraud detection

Our solutions combine data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and risk management to help organizations detect and prevent financial fraud. We are able to analyze behavioral patterns dynamically and predictively to generate early warnings to detect and control potential fraud risks. Our software analyzes millions of pieces of data and provides 24/7 monitoring. The results can be visualized through dynamic dashboards on a web portal.
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AI-powered financial software

The main advantage of GAMCO's fraud prevention software is that it has two capabilities:

  • Reagentalerts of frauds in progress, optimizing reaction time
  • Predictivewarns of frauds that may be committed or of new forms of fraud.

Our technology, based on Artificial Intelligence, allows for rapid deployment, with an impact measurable in the business and very significant returns from the outset.

Our software allows you to alert of non-payments, mitigate their economic impact and associated costs, as well as prioritize the actions to be taken.

Gamco foresees and detects fraud behaviors in companies in the financial sector

We offer solutions that automate data management processes to improve decision making, helping to protect systems from fraud, forgery, embezzlement and other abuses in the financial, banking, investment and hedge fund industries.

Our predictive models have been deployed in different systems as companies, can be perfectly integrated into any structure and work with large amounts of variable data and quantitative business values for fraud detection.

financial fraud software

Our chargebacks software automates the processes of investigating, preventing fraud and resolving disputes related to chargeback with returns in online transactions. With our tool you will have complete visibility into all transactions and detailed analysis to help you detect and prevent fraud.
Our services include:

  • Risk analysis
  • Fraud identification and prevention
  • Investigations and resolution of payment refunds
  • Continuous monitoring and management of chargebacks and chargeback payments
  • Others

Dynamic and predictive

Our software automates the work to collect information and identify possible anomalies between real-time data. This allows you to simplify thousands of tasks, making your company more efficient, faster and optimizing your company's available resources.

Thanks to our modules, the reports are tailored to your needs and you can concretely analyze the behavior of individual customers. In this way, you can detect and prevent fraud by means of the generation of early warnings of non-payment to help qualify the risk of each customer and avoid its economic impact on the business.

financial fraud

Experts in the prevention of financial fraud

financial fraud
Get to know our Artificial Intelligence software

Our solutions identify the people behind online interactions by detecting suspicious patterns and trends in financial data. This eliminates risk and uncertainty by dynamically detecting behavior such as illicit activity in real time, automating fraud detection tasks and reducing costs.

This solution has a average efficiency > 85%, with very controlled false alarms (< 1.5%)thanks to the self-adjustment of Artificial Intelligence-based predictive models capable of minimizing false alarms and creating automatic alerts about possible changes in user behavior.

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We are the only company in Spain, located in Madrid, that offers free workshops to develop a study and analysis of the current state of the business. We show the capabilities that AI has in your business, from a web environment, where you get reports and graphs explaining your business from the data, as well as the impact and benefits of implementing our pioneering technology to prevent financial fraud.
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