Artificial Intelligence and Big Data consulting services.

Our Artificial Intelligence consulting services help companies to assess the implementation and return of solutions based on data and artificial intelligence. We focus on the business, especially on business development and risk management.
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Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services

Experts in project development
and IA consulting.

In Gamco we have a team specialized in Artificial Intelligence consulting, software development and implementation support, with whom we have carried out the development of customized projects from scratch. We analyze the current state of the business and implement Artificial Intelligence software focused on data availability and confidentiality, decision making optimization and return on investment.

Artificial Intelligence Consultants
present in different industries

gamco banking and finance

Artificial Intelligence Consulting for the prediction and mitigation of non-payments. Our Scoring and Early Warning system allows us to know in advance the probability of non-payment customer by customer and define the levers to minimize the economic impact on the business.

AI services to attract new customers, increase sales and retain existing customers. For example, thanks to our AI technology and consultants we are able to automatically advise on WHAT goods or services to offer, TO WHOM to offer it and HOW to do it to make that sale.

mass consumption and distribution
ia big data

Artificial Intelligence applied to the attraction of potential clients and the development of current policyholders. With our Artificial Intelligence consulting service we are able to detect illicit behaviors and operations of professionals who provide their services and monitor operations to alert of new behavioral changes.

Thanks to the enormous amount of data handled by Telecom Networks, we offer Artificial Intelligence based advice to optimize call-centers, resource usage, security and fraud. We are able to help define and prioritize those leads that have a higher probability of conversion. We deploy AI predictive models trained on the similarities and differences of the company's current customers to estimate the potential value of each customer and the best services to develop that value.


Artificial Intelligence Consultants for your business

gamco arm saas

Software "as a service" for optimizing risk management and minimizing the economic impact on the business. Know who is going to default, what are the most recommended actions and reduce time in decision making. Modular, scalable and fully customized to customer needs and different risk policies. Use of internal and external data of each customer and estimation of the cost of risk per customer.

Artificial Intelligence solution for customer acquisition, business development and churn prediction. It allows to estimate the potential and identify business opportunities per customer. It offers a module for managing levers and commercial promotions to maximize the achievement of opportunities and the potential of each customer. In mass consumer implementations, it is able to determine the customer to customer offer: optimal order.

It is integrated with corporate systems: CRM, ERP, BI and databases.


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Our Artificial Intelligence consulting and development team is ready to offer a working session (free of charge) in which we analyze the client's data and requirements. The purpose is to show the competitive advantages that our Artificial Intelligence based solutions can have for each use case, and to calculate the return and impact that it will produce in the business.
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