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In order to offer you the best solution, we perform a free evaluation: analysis of current defaults and estimation of savings, using your company's actual data, with the ARM solution.
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Free evaluation based on your actual business data

What information do we need

Once you provide us with this data, the ARM solution is able to give you a snapshot of the current state of your business and an estimate of the expected savings.

Reports and graphs on ARM's current status and expected return for your business

The information can be consulted on the ARM platform when you register.

Current billing status, debts, severity
of defaults and expected impact of ARM


By month:

  • Invoices issued.
  • Clients.
  • Total invoiced and collected.
  • Severity of non-payments and percentage of turnover. ARM will minimize both the severity and the number of defaults.
  • Days of non-payment (average, minimum and maximum).
  • Invoiced quantities / customer.
  • Charged / customer.
  • Debt / customer.

Details and non-payment

Segment the severity of non-payments in terms of days overdue:

  • Minor: unpaid 30 days after due date.
  • Serious: unpaid 90 days after due date.
  • Critical: unpaid 150 days after non-payment.

The days of delay are approximate. In addition, they will be customized by the customer at the time of registration with ARM.

Reporting and categorization of debts


  • Geographic.
  • Customer seniority.
  • Invoice amount according to severity: minor, severe and critical.
  • Default alerts with alert level: red (very high probability that the customer will default and the cost of default is higher) and yellow (high probability that the customer will default and with a significant cost of default).
  • Alerts will be prioritized from most likely and severe to least likely and least severe: from most red to least yellow.

To access the complete services with updated information on the current status of your business and real-time default prediction, you can subscribe to our basic package.

Testing ARM Saas

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