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We adapt the solutions for SMEs that we have already applied in big companies to predict and mitigate default effects.
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AI artificial intelligence default prediction

Solutions tailored at your business

risk management with artificial intelligence
ARM Basic and ARM Advanced

We have two solutions to optimize risk management and default predictions with artificial intelligence.

  • ARM Basic. It includes a maximum of 2 predictive models, prediction of defaults of more than 30 days and a summary of the overall cost of risk.
  • Advanced ARM. Includes personalized prediction horizons, ad-hoc definition of the prediction of non-payment, according to the number of days of delay in invoice payment and a summary of risk cost by customer, as well as the possibility of managing alerts and incorporating external information.



Artificial Intelligence for decision making

ARM-SaaS allows you to implement predictive models based on Artificial Intelligence, in order to execute the best actions aimed at mitigating the effects of non-payment and commercial optimization of your business.

The ARM-SaaS solution is modular and can be adapted or extended according to customer's needs, adjusting to different risk policies and integrating with corporate systems.

Artificial Intelligence for decision making
Gestion of defaults early alerts
Gestion of defaults early alerts

From the data collected by ARM-SaaS, predictive models are automatically developed and adapted to the specific problems of each client. In this way, a series of early warnings of non-payments are set, as well as the actions to be taken to avoid or mitigate losses. All actions carried out during the process are monitored to evaluate management, profitability and security in the improvement of operations.

Debt recovery and VAT refund service for unpaid invoices.

Recovery service and management of recoveries and unpaid debts.
Through agreements with our partners:

  • We have a specialist team in charge of the recovery of unpaid invoices, being able to recover almost 90% of the outstanding debt claims.
  • Legal support provided by our partners to ensure the recovery of each client's debt.
  • Management service to request the refund of VAT on unpaid invoices.
  • Coverage in Spain and the Latin American market.
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debt recovery service

Advanced risk gestion

ARM-SaaS performs default prediction indicating which customers can generate payment defaults and what actions to take, minimizing losses and reducing decision-making time.
advanced management with ia

In this video we explain how the ARM solution works and what it consists of.

Once you provide us with your data, the ARM solution is able to provide you with a snapshot of the current state of your business and an estimate of the expected savings.

Calculate the monthly savings you could obtain

ARM-SaaS makes it possible to proactively detect which customers are at high risk of non-payment high risk of non-payment, with the objective of minimizing losses by reducing losses by reducing decision-making time and indicating what actions to take to adjust annual credit sales. which actions to take to adjust annual credit sales.

With this calculator you can get a simulation of the monthly payback you could get thanks to ARM SaaS predictions:
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