5 examples of AI where it is applied in your daily life


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We often wonder what examples of AI we can find in our environment, because artificial intelligence is a concept that encompasses a wide range of topics that cover many disciplines. From neurology to computer science, neurobiology or neurophysiology (and in general all the disciplines that study the human brain) and even mathematics.

Has the pandemic influenced the development of AI?

 The global artificial intelligence (AI) software market is forecast to grow rapidly over the next few years, reaching around $126 billion by 2025

Source | Statista

The healthcare crisis has not slowed innovation and growth in the artificial intelligence market. The focus has been on the development of products aimed at providing conveniences in daily life, such as the improvement of chatbots and virtual assistants.

In 2021, the market related to artificial intelligence reached a value of 34,870 Million $, representing an increase of 54,36% compared to the previous year. One third of this investment was dedicated to projects focused on data analysis.

2022 will be a leap in quality for the development of artificial intelligence. From a pioneering technology, it will become the protagonist of the next evolutionary step in many companies, as it will mean a consolidation of the efficiency and effectiveness of their processes from its implementation in them. 

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AI will have a decisive influence on improving both internal and external business processes to adapt to the needs of companies and users.

Artificial intelligence in our daily lives. 5 AI examples

Year after year we incorporate elements that are part of the field of artificial intelligence almost without realizing it and we do not usually stop to think about all the facilities it provides to our daily lives. For this reason, we are going to show you five examples of AI that are part of our daily lives and that are advances produced thanks to the implementation of AI.


For example Siri is a complete virtual system that serves Apple users. Some of its most outstanding functionalities are sending messages, setting alarms, receiving, getting directions, making calls or even making appointments in our calendar. The sophistication of SIRI allows users to perform a multitude of tasks quickly and easily.

One of the outstanding functions of SIRI is home automation control, which leads us to show another example of AI:

Every day more and more homes are equipped with virtual assistants. The best known is Alexa. With this device you can turn lights on and off, play music, do searches... There are countless functions it can perform. 


They came stomping already since 2019, but, undoubtedly, the pandemic and confinement made these platforms grow exponentially. Netflix, HBO Max, DISNEY +... have completely changed the way we watch series and movies. The recommendations made to us by these platforms are inferred from our use of them: what we watch, when we watch it and for how long.

This has been reinforced thanks to another element developed with artificial intelligence: the Smart TV, which allows watching TV, accessing the Internet, browsing social networks or using streaming platforms, among other functionalities.


Gone are the signs that guided us on trips, even those GPS devices. Now cell phones bring their own applications such as Google Maps, Maps Apple ... that allow you to orient yourself anywhere, as well as find addresses, local or monuments, etc.

Artificial intelligence has also developed increasingly sophisticated forms of authentication. In the search for improved security and access to digital devices, tools have been developed that allow the unlocking of a device based on fingerprint, facial or voice recognition. This can be developed in other elements of artificial intelligenceThe company's products, such as facial recognition, can be used to pay with our mobile devices.

The use of cloud storage is also common. For example, every time we take a photo it is more common for it to be automatically saved, which has made it much easier to access photos (or documents) from other devices and therefore make them available from anywhere and whenever they are needed.


Another example of AI is the automotive industry as it is advancing enormously. There are increasingly large investments in this sector, so in the coming years we are going to see its implementation in more and more automotive companies.

One of the most innovative functions is the development of ADAS systems (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems), which allow safer driving, alerting of dangers in real time and taking control, even in the use of the steering, accelerator and brake at certain times.

It is worth mentioning Tesla, which is firmly committed to the implementation of AI in automobiles to mitigate and prevent possible accidents. In short, the idea is to include a functionality similar to autopilot.


We have already talked about Google Maps, but we want to delve a little deeper into some tools developed thanks to artificial intelligence.

Have you ever gone to look for something in Google And Google itself already suggested it to you? Have you been shown ads for products or services that you have talked about?

This happens because search engines and social networks analyze the user's profile and make a selection of personalized ads to encourage the purchase. We are talking about the "deep learning"which would be a subclass of Machine LearningThe aim is to emulate the human brain to recognize the behavior, preferences or tastes of potential consumers or end users and thus offer personalized recommendations.

They have also enabled the development of eCommerce (electronic commerce). Tools such as chatbots allow online customer assistance to resolve doubts, help with purchases or process orders.

Continuing with eCommerce, the development of AI in logistics operations has enabled the creation of automated warehouses, where key processes are managed and optimized. In this way, the most convenient routes can be selected and orders can even be tracked in real time.


To conclude we would like to indicate that the examples of AI that we bring you is a brief sample of all those that exist today where we indicate where it is applied in daily life and why there is so much talk of Artificial Intelligence everywhere.

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