When will artificial intelligence surpass human intelligence? 


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Artificial intelligence is changing the world at breakneck speed, and you're probably wondering when it will surpass artificial intelligence. artificial intelligence to human intelligence, right? 

At present it is said that intelligent machines can do any job better and cheaper than humans. This is making different industries, one after another, are betting on improving their productivity, even if the benefits are not high. And that raises an interesting question: 

| When will AI surpass the human level?

According to the work done by Katja Grace from Future of Humanity Institutea multidisciplinary research institute at Oxford University, provided an answer a few years ago.

To find out, it directly asked 1,634 experts, the world's leading researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence, and conducted the survey "Artificial Intelligence in the World".when do they think intelligent machines will improve humans?".

Of these experts, only 352 responded and their average responses were then calculated to give the final results.

For example, they indicated that AI will not be able to do better than humans in retail until at least 2,031, be able to write a best-selling novel until 2,049, or be able to work as a surgeon until 2,053.

The experts, according to this study, indicated that it takes about 45 years for AI to be better than humans. However, with a 50 percent probability. It should be noted that depending on the segment (age of the researchers, experience and region of origin) the predictions changed. 

It turns out that age and experience make no difference in prediction, but origin does. While American researchers assume that AI will surpass humans in everything in 74 years, researchers in Asia expect to do so in just 30 years. What do Asians know that Americans don't?

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DeepMind Artificial Intelligence

cat google ia

But the reality is very different from what those experts imagined a few years ago. Today, the reality is very different from what those experts imagined a few years ago, DeepMind has created an AI that will soon be able to compete with human intelligence. 

This is not what we say, it is what Nando de Freitas, chief researcher at DeepMind, says. Google recently presented its model "Cat". This generalist AI is capable of performing 604 different tasks and, in most of these tasks, the AI would perform better than a human. In addition, it learns several different tasks at the same time. Therefore, it can easily switch from one skill to another without having to forget it.

But for some researchers and experts in the field, 'Gato' would still be far from surpassing a human as a "superintelligence"He should be able to learn to do new things without training and currently 'Gato' is not able to do this.

To give you an idea, it is estimated that an Artificial Intelligence needs 100,000 pictures of cats to recognize a cat, while a small child would only need two. 

Noting that Artificial Intelligence will have a long way to go to surpass human intelligence, Google's director of engineering Ray Kurzweil is optimistic that the AI will overcome the Turing Test in 2029 and in 2045 the "uniqueness".


At Gamco we have spent years developing models based on Artificial Intelligence capable of helping humans and ultimately companies to make better decisions based on the available data.. This is why, the returns that our customers have software solutions are very important as they are able to automate processes, operations and even anticipate possible future events as in the case of the financial and banking sector with the prediction of defaults and advanced risk management.

We are certainly entering an era where technology is becoming increasingly important in human and business life. Although it is still in the development and maturation stage, many players are already studying and analyzing the advantages of these new technologies and how they could be applied in their business models. 

The moment in which technology will be able to surpass human capacity will depend on the amount of information and data available to be able to train these models based on Artificial Intelligence to give similar or even better answers than those of human beings. This is difficult to say today, since human intelligence is still far ahead of artificial intelligence, but it is true that the advances and investment in this technology are becoming more and more significant and there will be a moment in which technology will be the turning point where it will be equal to human intelligence.

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