Big Data Services and Solutions

We develop Big Data solutions that allow us to collect large amounts of data and transform them into useful information for the business. This data is processed and analyzed through our Artificial Intelligence systems to obtain greater knowledge, in real time, of customer needs. The service provided to customers is improved while optimizing business processes and profitability.

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Big Data Solutions

Pioneer software company in Spain 
Big Data with Artificial Intelligence

Gamco has been working for more than 10 years in Big Data services focused on improving the quality of corporate data. Our Big Data solutions have been tried and tested in companies from different sectors such as banking, consumer goods, distribution, insurance or telecommunications.
Big Data in the cloud
Big Data solutions in the cloud

The Big Data software The main objective for companies is to obtain, merge and analyze large amounts of data to detect trends, behavioral patterns, market preferences and risks in order to make the best business decisions.

Our AI-based Big Data solutions are easily integrated into companies' systems and processes, generating real and measurable business impact. We improve the products and services provided by companies by helping them to better respond to customer needs, with rapid deployments and truly significant returns right out of the box.

Advantages of our Big Data services

Some of the most important advantages of our technology are:

  • Transformation of data into useful and relevant information for the business.
  • More accurate and secure decision making thanks to better data quality.
  • Customer segmentation according to interests, behavior and needs.
  • Greater accessibility and flow of information within the company.
  • Real-time stock analysis.
  • Immediate feedback.
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What content are they able to analyze 
our solutions?

Our Big Data software for enterprises is capable of analyzing a multitude of information from different data sources. Some of the most recurrent due to the availability, access and quality of the information are:

  • Business management software or ERPs that provide information on daily activity and management, company accounting, inventory control...
  • User web browsing data
  • Corporate CRMs, with all the commercial contacts of the companies throughout their lead generation and sales process.
  • Information published in social networks.
  • B2B data of companies registered in Google My Business.
  • The most common CMSs such as Wordpress or Shopify that collect huge amounts of user-generated data.

Big Data Consultants
in Spain present in different industries

Use cases where we have applied 
Big Data in companies:

Our Big Data services can be used in countless fields and sectors to improve the efficiency of processes and optimize a variety of tasks, among which we can highlight:

  • Customer risk management to predict defaults and act in advance.
  • Increased business sales in the different commercial channels and customer loyalty.
  • Optimization of bank cash management.
  • Detection of fraudulent behavior and minimization of false alarms, so as not to penalize commercial actions and customer relations.
  • Prediction and optimization of call-centers.
  • Customer acquisition, by prioritizing potential customers (leads) with a higher probability of conversion and a higher estimated value.
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Advantages of our Big Data solutions and services:

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our Big Data solutions and services?

We offer a workshop of up to two free days to study and analyze the current state of your business in order to be able to show all the capabilities of our Big Data software for companies. We evaluate the impact and return that our technology has on your company, deployed from a web environment where dashboards explaining your business are implemented.
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