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Make your ERP software intelligent to develop and retain your customers. We are pioneers in integrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning so that you can analyze all your company's processes in real time and optimize them rapidly. Our software is perfect for brands, distributors, retailers and consumers.

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Add value to your ERP software with our lA solution.

Our solution deployed in the distribution sector is able to analyze behavioral patterns dynamically and predictively to optimize customer acquisition, development and loyalty and predict customer-to-customer levers and promotions, in order to increase business sales. Our software analyzes data and provides 24/7 monitoring. Results can be visualized both in your systems and in our multi-device web environments through dynamic web portal dashboards and scorecards.
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Your ERP software powered by AI

Take advantage of GAMCO's pioneering technology based on Artificial Intelligence. Our technology allows for rapid deployment, with an impact measurable in the business and very significant returns from the outset thanks to the use of software service platforms and easy integration.

Our distribution software integrates with your database or ERP to, for example, predict which products or services are going to be demanded by your customers, how to materialize that sale and what is the ideal moment to carry it out based on the commercial levers established and the available promotions.

Gamco integrates throughout the value chain

Gamco's solutions are specially tailored to the requirements of each company and integrate seamlessly into your ERP thanks to the modular structure of our software.

Our models have been deployed in different systems of large and small companies, can be perfectly integrated into any structure and work with a large amount of variable data as quantitative business values.

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Our advantages

Our solutions allow you to get to know the customer in all relationship channels, offer a better service, build customer loyalty and influence their purchasing decision, personalizing offers, prices and promotions. It also optimizes processes, improves planning, resolves problems or errors and detects possible problems. anomalies among user-generated data in real time.

Thanks to decision making based on the knowledge acquired with Machine Learning, the supply chain strategy and management can be improved. It also detects inefficient processes and makes recommendations to increase performance.

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ERP + Business Intelligence + AI = Success for your business

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Advanced Solutions for your ERP

Our packaged ERP solutions not only make your business more efficient, but also make your business more successful. Below are some of the main features of our software:

  • Data (We know how to adapt the distributor's current data for AI and measure the impact of the actions).
  • Customer-to-customer forecasting (potential of each client, new referrals, development of current referrals, estimation of impact and probability of abandonment, others).
  • Action (Giving the network the concrete opportunity, at the best time using the best levers, optimizing promotions, giving management the power to define objectives and constraints).

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We are the only company in Spain, located in Madrid, that offers free workshops to develop a study and analysis of the current state of the business. We show the capabilities of AI through a web module where you get reports and explanatory graphs. We also show the impact and benefits of implementing our technology throughout the value chain and calculate the return that our solution has on your business.
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