Credit Risk Software

Our software offers credit risk management optimization solutions, thanks to our Artificial Intelligence algorithms. We are able to process large amounts of financial and credit information of companies and individuals, and use advanced data analysis techniques to detect patterns and trends that are indicative of credit risk. We minimize defaults and their costs.

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Credit Risk Software

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and minimize credit risks in your company?

Credit risk assessment involves the collection and analysis of relevant information about the borrower. This includes information about their credit history, income, assets, debts and other factors that may affect their ability to repay the loan. Thanks to our intelligent analysis, you can make accurate and timely decisions to work with the right clients and keep them for the long term.
credit risk with artificial intelligence
AI-driven software

Take advantage of GAMCO's pioneering technology based on Artificial Intelligence for data analysis. Thanks to Machine Learning, we are able to create a credit scoring portfolio. ARM has an 80% default recognition hit with credit default cost savings greater than 30%.

Thanks to these results, we significantly reduce the cost of risk for financial institutions and companies in their commercial credits, by providing a clear view of the creditworthiness of customers, reducing the risk of defaults, provisions and financial losses.

Automated solutions for managing credit risk in multiple industries

We offer automated credit risk solutions to improve decision making in multiple sectors such as: financial, consumer, insurance and others.

Our predictive models integrate easily with any structure and handle large amounts of data to detect fraud. Get advanced tools to prevent credit risks and improve efficiency in the management of your business.

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specialized modules
Dynamic and predictive

We collect information and use advanced techniques to identify potential credit risks in real time. This allows us to simplify thousands of tasks and optimize your company's resourcesimproving the efficiency and speed of decision making.

Our specialized modules generate customized reports tailored to your specific needs. These reports allow you to analyze the credit behavior of your customers individually, detecting any suspicious or fraudulent activity. In addition, they help you to rating credit risk and creating early alerts to avoid non-payment or fraud.

Credit Risk Experts

Credit Risk Experts
Optimize your decision making process with GAMCO

Gain a detailed understanding of your customers' risk profile quickly by analyzing their financial capacity and determining the likelihood that they will meet their credit obligations.

In addition, our software will allow you to establish appropriate prices for your products and servicestaking into account the risk profile of your customers.

Finally, our software will allow you to automate many of the processes related to credit risk management, which will help you save time and resources.

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We are the only company in Spain that offers free workshops to develop a study and analysis of the current state of the business. We show the capabilities that AI has in your business, from a web environment, where you get reports and graphs explaining your business from the data, as well as the impact and benefits of implementing our pioneering technology to predict the Credit Risk.
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