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Gamco, how to sort through data to make mid-sized companies more profitable with artificial intelligence

The Spanish startup seeks to solve both the technology access and business problems of medium-sized companies in the country.
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What is AI? - Accelerate SMEs
Our CEO, Fernando Pavón, gives us a brief explanation with questions and practical cases to answer the question: What is AI?
Participation in the 12+1 CNC12 (National Congress of Credit) with Innsomnia.
We share with you the video of our CEO's participation in the 13th National Credit Congress. You can see the default prediction solutions for both large financial institutions and SMEs in 7 minutes.
IndesIA, the first artificial intelligence consortium in the industrial sector in Spain, is born
Six large companies - Repsol, Gestamp, Navantia, Técnicas Reunidas, Telefónica and Microsoft - have created IndesIA, the first data economy and artificial intelligence consortium in the industrial sector in Spain, with a European vocation and the will to integrate other companies and sectors. More than 60 use cases based on artificial intelligence have been identified and [...]
Los 100 líderes de D+I' propose changes to governments and companies in the digital era (II), Invertia, El Español, Disruptors and Innovators
Video: 2019 Comprendedor Awards Finalist
Context interview of the Bankia and Gamco case, finalist of the COMPRENDEDOR Awards 2019 in the Operations and Processes modality.
Capital Radio, mentoring, la Bolsa y la Vida program, hosted by Luis Vicente Muñoz and Julio Rodríguez, Fernando Pavon, CEO of GAMCO, together with Jorge Elizaga, Director of Retail Risk Monitoring, talk about mentoring.
HIP2020: Commercial optimization. What to offer, to Whom and How
Deployment of GAMCO's ARM solution at Bankia
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