Gamco at SCALEUPS B2B Awards

Today, October 3, 2023, we have been at the prestigious "SCALEUPS B2B Awards organized by Fundación Empresa y Sociedad, to talk to you about Corporate Reputation Impact Measurement with Enigmia and its AI Solution. Don't miss our success story!
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Gamco in the economic weekly "El nuevo Lunes".

Today, our CEO, Fernando Pavón Pérez answers in this seminar the question "What should be the priorities of the Government's economic policy to help companies improve productivity and competitiveness in foreign markets?" focused on the artificial intelligence sector.
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Gamco participated in the "European Fintech Ecosystem Immersion".
Gamco participated in the second edition of the program "Immersion to the European Fintech ecosystem", organized in collaboration with ATEFI, presenting our solutions for cash management and optimization, financial and corporate risk analysis. We thank 100staturps Fintech for the invitation. For more details about the event, we invite you to read the full article.
Gamco introduces its Lead Qualification and Automated Review Analysis solution with AI
Gamco has participated in the 'Artificial Intelligence Application Case Studies' event, where we presented our Advanced AI Lead Qualification and Automatic Review Analysis solution, highlighting how AI is transforming our customer acquisition strategy and improving our marketing and sales operations.
How to get more value from your data with AI?
Gamco was present at the Seville Chamber of Commerce event on "How to get more value from data with Artificial Intelligence". During the event, we highlighted the importance of thermonuclear fusion in the global energy landscape and the role of artificial intelligence in its advancement as a clean and sustainable energy source.
Roundtable: Transforming the Future of Business with Artificial Intelligence
Gamco participates in the roundtable on Artificial Intelligence and its impact on business, organized by the Faculty of Law of the University of Seville. We discuss how AI is transforming the business world, especially in areas such as business development and risk management, analyzing how AI is revolutionizing business decision [...]
The Impact of AI on Business: Business Development and Risk Management
In episode 266 of "Data is in the Air", Fernando Pavón, our CEO, together with experts in the field such as Esther Morales and Enrique Polo, discussed the crucial role of artificial intelligence (AI) in business development and enterprise risk management. Would you like to know more and listen to the full interview?
How to Sell Artificial Intelligence to Large Enterprises: Interview with Fernando Pavón
In a recent interview in Business Insider, our CEO Fernando Pavón emphasized the importance of interdepartmental collaboration and the conviction of managers when implementing Artificial Intelligence in large companies, even in traditional sectors. Don't miss it!  
Gamco at Gaia X event
Gamco has been present at the Gaia X event, a European initiative that focuses on the creation of a shared data infrastructure. At the event, Gamco was part of a pioneering discussion on Thermonuclear Fusion organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Seville.
CASE Gamco and Roymo, "Platform for measuring the reputational impact of communications..."
Roymo, a company specializing in corporate communications, sought an AI-based solution from Gamco to measure the reputation of companies through the evaluation of news in the media. A CASE candidate for the Scaleups B2B Awards, discover it in this video!
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