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Our advanced fraud detection and prevention software for business is pioneering fraud detection in highly dynamic environments. We minimize false alarms, optimizing control and circumvention measures to minimize the impact of fraud on the business.
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Our fraud detection solutions, developed through Machine Learning, are capable of analyzing behavioral patterns dynamically and predictively to generate early warnings to detect and control potential fraud risks. Our software analyzes millions of data and provides 24/7 monitoring. The results can be visualized through dynamic dashboards on a web portal.
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AI-driven software

Take advantage of GAMCO's pioneering AI-based technology to minimize false alarms and costs resulting from fraudulent behavior.

Our technology enables rapid deployment, measurable business impact and significant returns from the outset through the use of software services platforms and API development.

With our software you will be able to observe and control your data in accurate and predictive solutions.

Gamco predicts and detects behaviors of fraud in companies in different sectors

We offer solutions that automate data management processes to improve decision making in sectors such as: Financial, FMCG, Insurance, Telco, Industrial, Energy and other solutions applied to different sectors.

Our predictive models that have been deployed with any system in different companies, can be perfectly integrated to any structure, being able to work with a large amount of variable data and quantitative values of the business for fraud detection.

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dynamic and predictive software
Dynamic and predictive

Our software automates the work to collect information and identify possible anomalies among the data in real time. This allows you to simplify thousands of tasks, making your company more efficient, faster and optimizing your company's available resources.

Thanks to our modules, reports are tailored to your needs and you can concretely analyze the behavior of individual customers. In this way, you can detect fraudulent activities and qualify the risk to create early warnings of non-payment or fraud risk.

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Our fraud detection and prevention solutions detect illicit behavior and activities dynamically and in real time to minimize false alarms and automatically alert on possible changes in user behavior. This solution has a average efficiency > 85%, with very controlled false alarms (< 1.5%)thanks to the self-adjustment of predictive models based on Artificial Intelligence.

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We are the only company in Spain, located in Madrid, that offers free workshops to develop a study and analysis of the current state of the business. We show the capabilities that AI has in your business, from a web environment, where you get reports and graphs explaining your business from the data, as well as the impact and benefits of implementing our pioneering technology to prevent fraud.
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