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We are a pioneering Artificial Intelligence company in Spain. in the development of predictive models and advanced business software. Thanks to our knowledge and developments in AI, we quickly deploy solutions that can be easily integrated into companies' systems and processes, with real and measurable impact on today's businesses.
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Artificial Intelligence Company in Spain
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In Gamco we have a team specialized in consulting, software development and implementation support, with which we have carried out the development of customized projects from scratch. We analyze the current state of the business and implement Artificial Intelligence software focused on data availability and confidentiality, decision making optimization and return on investment.
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What differentiates us from our competitors?

Our core competency is Artificial Intelligence companies in Spain that have predictive solutions for application development, data capture and exploitation. Our main goal is to bring AI capabilities to all companies, with SaaS deployments that ensure minimum time, in a non-intrusive way in the systems, at reasonable prices and with very important returns.

Application of AI in Spanish companies

We offer Artificial Intelligence software that automates processes, improves decision making and produces unique and up-to-date results for companies in Spain, Europe and Latin America. We make the products and services provided by companies better and also better meet the needs of their customers.

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We apply various techniques and technologies in AI and Big Data for companies in Spain.

We have extensive experience in various fields of application of the Artificial Intelligence in Spanish companies. More than 20 years of experience in AI, databases, web applications and Big Data technologies. Some of the techniques we develop in the field of Artificial Intelligence are: Artificial Neural Networks, Behavioural Patterns, Genetic Algorithms, Deep LearningSelf-Growing Models, Learning Vector Quantification and Model Predictive Control.

Artificial Intelligence Consultants
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Get to know our Artificial Intelligence software

Our AI-based solutions allow us, for example, to predict non-payments of healthy customer portfolios, estimate the buying potential of my customers and increase sales by automatically obtaining knowledge and self-adjusting predictive models with which we are able to improve decision making.

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We are the only Artificial Intelligence company in Spain that offers free workshops to develop a study and analysis of the current state of the business. We show the capabilities that AI has in your business, from a web environment, where you get reports and graphs explaining your business from the data, as well as the impact and benefits of implementing our pioneering technology.
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