Complex Event Processing - CEP

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Complex Event Processing - CEP

What is Complex Event Processing - CEP?

Complex Event Processing (CEP) is a data processing technique used to analyze and process event data in real time. CEP is used in various artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, such as production system monitoring, real-time fraud detection, network intrusion detection and industrial process optimization.

CEP allows analyzing and correlating events in real time to detect patterns and trends, identify anomalies and make decisions in real time. The CEP process involves defining rules and patterns of events to look for in the data, and using machine learning algorithms to improve the accuracy of analysis and pattern detection.

CEP is used in real-time systems where a large number of events are expected, and can process large amounts of data in real time to make real-time decisions. CEP is also used in big data systems, where event data is stored in large data warehouses and further processed to discover patterns and trends.

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