Application Programming Interface (API)

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Application Programming Interface (API)

What is Application Programming Interface (API)?

API stands for "Application Programming Interface". It is a set of rules, protocols and tools for building software applications and enabling communication and information exchange between different systems.

In the context of artificial intelligence and machine learning, APIs are important tools to enable the integration of machine learning models and algorithms into different applications and systems. APIs allow applications to communicate with web services that host machine learning models, and send data to enable the models to make predictions or decisions based on the data

For example, an e-commerce company can use a recommendation API to offer recommended products to users based on their previous purchases and website browsing data. The recommendation API will use a machine learning model trained on historical transaction data and user preferences to make accurate and personalised recommendations.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning APIs also allow developers to create applications that leverage the capabilities of AI and ML services without having to build the models and algorithms themselves. Companies that offer AI and ML services often provide APIs that developers can use to build applications that take advantage of these capabilities.

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