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BNPL - Buy Now Pay Later

The fad coming from the USA that will force the incorporation of AI in the process Surely it is only recently that we have started to hear a new concept in the...

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How to detect delinquent customers and avoid defaults? 10 signs of delinquency

As a consequence of this pandemic and economic situation in which we have found ourselves for the past two years, with the intention of better protecting the interests of businessmen and...

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Non-performing loans to individuals to increase by at least 10% in 2022

GAMCO's predictions point to an increase of at least 10% in the percentage of "credit delinquencies" to individuals over the next year. This is...

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The most effective way to collect unpaid debts without complicating life

Collecting debts, nowadays, is becoming an arduous task for many companies or freelancers. More and more banks, public utilities and other companies are increasingly being...

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2 case studies on Artificial Intelligence: sales and risk

How is artificial intelligence helping us? Artificial intelligence (AI) has gone from being a sci-fi movie theme to an extremely important topic in the world of...

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How to get more customers and less delinquency with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Fernando Pavón, CEO of Gamco and expert in Artificial Intelligence applied to business, explains in the AceleraPYMES cycle how small businesses can benefit from the use of Artificial Intelligence in...

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What credit scoring is and why Artificial Intelligence will change it forever

Credit scoring is a system used to rate credits and thus try to automate the decision making process in order to prevent the risk of non-payment. Traditionally...

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How do I know if a customer will pay me?

When it comes to getting new customers, everything is joy and satisfaction for being able to provide them with our service or sell them our product in the best possible way. However, there are...

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