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What is Surety Insurance?

You are probably wondering, what is surety insurance and how does it help your company? In the current economic environment, many companies choose to take out a surety insurance...

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How do I know if a customer will pay me?

When it comes to getting new customers, everything is joy and satisfaction for being able to provide them with our service or sell them our product in the best possible way. However, there are...

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Artificial intelligence against delinquency and non-payments in companies

The current scenario we are experiencing in Spain with the COVID-19 health crisis has led to many companies having to carry out ERES, ERTES and even close their plants...

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What is factoring and when to use it in your company?

When seeking financing for companies, one of the most widely used formulas today is factoring. It is a resource that is not always known by the...

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Market, privacy and artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are currently being used in companies to transform business processes, boost customer interaction, improve decision making and improve customer satisfaction....

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Artificial intelligence in the telecommunications sector

There is a broad consensus among the executives of the world's leading companies about the impact that artificial intelligence will have on the telecommunications sector....

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10 ways artificial intelligence helps businesses

There is consensus among executives of the world's largest companies on the significant impact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have on companies. There are multiple studies...

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AI in the energy sector: main use cases

There is consensus among executives of the world's leading companies about the crucial impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the energy sector across all industries. There are...

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