4 keys to identify customer needs


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To identify customer needs, it is necessary to know their opinion, as this helps to detect where you should improve, what acceptance will the launch of a new product line have or what is the best time to do it. Adequately evaluating the potential of new services or products, based on the behavior of your existing and potential customers, is essential to improve the profitability of your business.

How to identify customer needs?

1. What are your short and long term goals?

The first key to identifying customer needs is to know your customer's short-term goals, as it helps you to recommend what they need at the moment or what they are looking to solve immediately.

The analysis of what will be their needs The longer term helps you to plan actions to meet their needs later on. In this way, you can organize a work plan and delimit when you have to start taking actions or show results, as well as prioritize the products or services to give them out as they demand them. 

2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Analyzing your customer's strengths allows you to offer them the ideal product or service. Understanding their weaknesses helps you focus on those areas that represent a business opportunity, such as recommending the most suitable products or services. 

3. What are your motivations for making the purchase?

Understanding the reasons why your customer makes a particular purchase helps you develop the best tools to optimize your results. There are countless reasons to buy a product or service: need, luxury, whim, personal improvement, health, direct recommendation, etc. 

Therefore, you can focus your customer acquisition and loyalty strategies based on the motivations of your customers and divide them into those segments that are most attractive to you.

All the information collected, both internal and external to the company, will be used to automatically adjust behavioral patterns and identify customer needs, predictive models and to calculate the best actions to build customer loyalty and develop their full potential.

In addition, this information is integrated with the company's systems to incorporate it into all decision-making and reporting processes. In addition, knowing how to choose the different types of KPIs will help you to measuring success against specific business objectives and targets of your company.

Commercial optimization. identify customer needs

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In this section it is also worth highlighting the main criteria that move your customer towards the purchase of your product or service. Some customers are looking for discounts, others for free shipping or a wider catalog to choose from. If you know what criteria your customers follow, you will be able to apply strategies to attract them quickly.

Aspects such as price, product quality or customer service are some of the main reasons why you can get a customer to notice your brand and stay with it or choose the competition. In this sense, knowing your competitors' tactics will help you define better campaigns to attract customers to your business. 

In the event that the purchase of a product or service does not culminate, it is convenient to have a methodology (where the application of artificial intelligence has much to contribute) that helps to discover the reasons so that they can be corrected. In this way, you can reactivate your relationship with the customer, proposing new services or improved features in order to capture and retain their attention.

4. What level of service are you willing to pay for?

Depending on the amount your customer is willing to pay, you can create packages with different prices and services. This will help you align your budgets to the needs of each segment.

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